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Leather Top Table ( More Carving like a machine )

This is a low table, factory made, machine carved, it was built sometime in the first half of the twentieth century. It came in to the shop missing one leg otherwise in fair condition. One of the existing legs was … Continue reading

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Wedged Dovetails

If you read Chris Schwarz’s blog at Popular Woodworking, there was recently an interesting post about wedged dovetails. Historically it’s been said that wedging was done primarily to close up gappy or sloppy dovetails. In the coments of that post … Continue reading

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Leveling Chair or Table Legs

There are many occasions when it becomes necessary to trim the bottom of a leg to level or remove a wobble in a chair or table. In this case the chair had been used for a long time with lose … Continue reading

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New Project 6 [ top ]

Next I built the top for the table by rubbing two boards together with hide glue and adding two braces. The braces are glued and nailed with rose head nails. The top attached with snipe hinges. Here you can see … Continue reading

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New project 5 [Trim ]

After the stretchers were glued in place, I turned the piece over and trimmed the glue blocks, with a chisel, in preparation for trim at the bottom edge of the box. Here is the profile it appears to be two … Continue reading

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New project 4 [ stretchers ]

The stretchers on this table, I believe, are the element that has allowed it to survive as long as it has. They are low to the ground and cut into the legs. On the original they are nailed in place. … Continue reading

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New project 3 [ legs for the box ]

You may have noticed, in the previous posts on this project, a picture of a table with splayed legs and low stretchers laying on my bench. That is the table this project is based on, it was built in Georgia … Continue reading

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New project 2 [ the box]

After the 4 boards were prepped in the previous post, they were dovetailed together. I didn’t detail that process here, but if you want to see my method I did in this post . You can see in the photo … Continue reading

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Drop Leaf Table [ Pembroke ]

This is a table I recently took in for restoration. At first look it appears to be an unremarkable primitive drop leaf table. The top, apron and leaves are one piece cherry 1” thick, without a rule joint. The legs … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table V [ finishing ]

This is what the table looked like with a thin coat of shellac on the front but not the top. I did not like how orange the mahogany¬†appeared or the amount of contrast between the three woods I used. The … Continue reading

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