Federal Work Table V [ finishing ]

This is what the table looked like with a thin coat of shellac on the front but not the top. I did not like how orange the mahogany appeared or the amount of contrast between the three woods I used. The Butternut was too dark and the herringbone was too light.

Starting point

As a solution I decided to wash off the shellac and bleach the entire table with a two-part bleach. The two-part bleach will take some of the color out of the wood reducing the contrast. This is the table outside after bleaching.


Next I applied two coats of shellac.

Two coats of shellac

I next applied a coat of raw umber glaze.


The glaze was wiped back leaving some in the lower areas, just prior to it drying.

Glaze wiped back

I then applied the final finish. I used both blonde and garnet shellac in a combination of padding and french polish.

Finish applied

Finally it was rubbed out with a coat of black wax and steel wool.

Rubbed out

This post has taught me that I either need to read up on how to get true color in these pictures or I need a new camera. The table really is not as yellow as it looks in the pictures.

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