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Federal Work Table V [ finishing ]

This is what the table looked like with a thin coat of shellac on the front but not the top. I did not like how orange the mahogany¬†appeared or the amount of contrast between the three woods I used. The … Continue reading

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I’m writing this on an old computer that I borrowed from my daughter. It has a little bitty screen and not enough memory to deal with the number of pictures I normally post. If you did not guess from the … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table IIII [ veneering the top and assembly ]

Cutting and arranging the veneer for the top. I eventually hammered down 5 strips of end grain Butternut to form the center panel of the top. Each strip was hammered down separately but in one session. I next hammered on … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table III [ veneering the drawers and apron ]

Background Common wisdom today says that the way you do veneer is to cut out all you pieces, stick them together with veneer tape, spread the glue, stick it in the vacuum press with plain veneer on the back side … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table II [ dovetails and building drawers ]

In the first ”Work Table” post I built the carcass, top and legs of the piece. In this post I will show how I built drawers and talk about what I forgot to put in the first post. In the … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table I [ stock prep]

1780 to 1820 is considered the Federal Period in the US. It is heavily influenced by European Neoclassicism and the work of Robert Adam, George Hepplewhite, and Thomas Sheraton. During this period a new form was developed, the ”Work Table”. … Continue reading

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Federal Style Table [ broken apron ]

The Federal period in the US was from 1780 to 1820, “It Combined the neoclassic furniture style characteristics of Hepplewhite and Sheraton. It is characterized by graceful straight lines, light construction, tapered legs, and the use of inlay, and contrasting … Continue reading

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