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Orchard Lawn [The Gundry House]

Orchard Lawn, the Italianate home built in 1868 by Joseph Gundry is the home of the Mineral Point Wisconsin historical society and their museum. The society has many photographs of how the house was furnished when it was built. They … Continue reading

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Upholstery Repair ( damaged tack edge )

A recurring problem in the repair of upholstered furniture is the degradation of the edges where the upholstery is tacked to the piece. Many upholsterers are not wood workers, so when removing old upholstery you never know what you will … Continue reading

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Eastlake Sewing Rocker [ brocken cane rail ]

This Eastlake style sewing rocker, circa 1880, came in to the shop with a broken and missing cane rail. I was told that someone had knelt on the seat and that the piece was lost. Here we see where the … Continue reading

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Gluing Chairs equals Rehairing Violin Bows

Thirty years ago I was doing all the musical instrument repairs for 7 music stores in the Chicago area. In the instrument repair business re-hairing violin bows is the bread and butter, I used to do several every week. It … Continue reading

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Leveling Chair or Table Legs

There are many occasions when it becomes necessary to trim the bottom of a leg to level or remove a wobble in a chair or table. In this case the chair had been used for a long time with lose … Continue reading

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Barley Twist Chair

This is an oak chair with barley twist turnings that came in to be re-glued. While disassembling I found that one of the rear legs was cracked just below the seat mortise in the first twist. It wasn’t broken all … Continue reading

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The Permanent Glue Joint

One constantly reads on the web something like ” with the development of modern adhesives do you still need to do this or do that when making things from wood”. This kind of statement is based on the idea that … Continue reading

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