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Thoughts on Finishing 2 [ Rattle Can techniques ]

While writing this I realized that most of this applies to any spray equipment and that these are not techniques that I use on valuable antique pieces. When restoring antiques it’s best to restore the old finish using that same … Continue reading

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Thoughts on finishing and rattle cans

In my finish room right now I have 8 spray guns and 2 air brushes and I haven’t used any of them in at least 3 years and maybe five. I can’t remember the last time I used one. Why … Continue reading

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Bird carving

During the 1980s for a short time I got into bird carving. Most of the carving was done with a rotary shaft machine and a hot knife. Then the birds were painted with acrylic artist colors. I probably carved between … Continue reading

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Quick edge repair [ epoxy putty ]

For this type of repair I would normally trim the damaged area, fashion and glue in a wooden plug with hide glue, then inpaint and finish the damaged area. When time or budget constraints are a limiting factor this is … Continue reading

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Woodworking Personality [Get Woodworking Week]

As part of “Get Woodworking Week” I thought about what I would say to a beginning wood worker. I thought about tools, wood, projects, techniques and other aspects of the craft, but I could not come up with something that … Continue reading

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Before 1790 all nails were made by hand. They were hammered out iron by a blacksmith. The shafts were square and double tapered. The heads were hammered and showed facets from the hammer blows. Due to the faceted head they … Continue reading

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