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New project 3 [ legs for the box ]

You may have noticed, in the previous posts on this project, a picture of a table with splayed legs and low stretchers laying on my bench. That is the table this project is based on, it was built in Georgia … Continue reading

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Victorian plant stand

From early history until 1879 the candle was a major source of lighting. Many forms of stand and holder were created for use with candles. Many small 18th century examples exist. At some point, possibly with the introduction of gas … Continue reading

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Duck Calls 2

I received a question about how a duck call works, so I am posting a brief explanation of what I know about the subject. I’ve been away from call making for at least 20 years so this is old information … Continue reading

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Duck Calls

In the US prior to 1935 market hunting was a big business. Hunters used punt guns, bait and live decoys in order to take as many ducks as possible for the commercial market. While mechanical duck calls were known as … Continue reading

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