My first woodworking project was a drinking cup carved from a small burl, the plan I believe came out of a Ben Hunt book for boys. It was 1958, I was 11 and in the boy scouts. I had a scout pocket knife and an ax. My first commission came in 1966, I carved a Tiki God fountain out of 2 rail road ties. Water was pumped out of it’s mouth into a ceramic pond, it went into a florists shop. I had 2 chisels 1 gouge my pocket knife and a ball peen hammer. I was 18 and just started college. As far as I know ,thank God, there is no photographic record of either project. Many years latter and many many more tools and I’m still working wood. In between I finished college, got two masters degrees, served in the army in Viet Nam, taught high school and college and farmed, but all along continued to work wood in some way. For the last 11 years I have been a full time furniture restorer and and custom builder.

2 Responses to About

  1. Robert R Lindh,Western Pa.USA. says:

    You and Pegs and Tails are an insperation to me as a furniture maker………..Both your finishing knowledge I wish I had…………I am 70 and won’t be going much longer….so much to learn so little time…………..Please keep the great blogs going…..Bob Lindh,Western Pa.

  2. Shirley says:

    I bought an antique school desk that looks alot like the circa 1830 that you had a photo of (the top of it) on your site. I was wondering if you had a full photo so I could compare it to mine? Thanks, Shirley

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