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Finish Reamalgamation [ just one advantage of shellac ]

This is a Victorian dresser that came in to be restored, luckily it had it’s original shellac finish so it could be repaired and not refinished. One of the advantages of shellac and lacquer is that they can be re-amalgamated. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Finishing 2 [ Rattle Can techniques ]

While writing this I realized that most of this applies to any spray equipment and that these are not techniques that I use on valuable antique pieces. When restoring antiques it’s best to restore the old finish using that same … Continue reading

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New Project 8 [ finishing up ]

This is where I left off in the last post, the piece has been burnished and simulated wear added. A small amount of distressing was also added. It is now ready to be colored and finished. Here it is finished. … Continue reading

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Deep Scratch Repair

This is the side of a walnut display case that is pretty beat up. There are a number of deep scratches that go through the finish and into the wood. The case belongs to a small poor historic society so … Continue reading

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Federal Work Table V [ finishing ]

This is what the table looked like with a thin coat of shellac on the front but not the top. I did not like how orange the mahogany¬†appeared or the amount of contrast between the three woods I used. The … Continue reading

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White Oak Rocker

Here is a rocker I just finished restoring. When I got it in, it was painted with white enamel and upholstered with pink velvet. I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t think there was any thing special … Continue reading

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Bad Week and a Tea table

This has been a really lousy week. First last Saturday [ 8 days ago] I was sawing a part for an antique German clock out of a brass sheet with a jewelers saw when the blade broke and went through … Continue reading

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Table Leaf 2 repairing the damage

As noted in the last post we have 5 types of damage that need to be addressed, chipped veneer, scratched veneer, swollen MDF, open seams and color and finish loss. The first step was to glue down the loose veneer, … Continue reading

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