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The Hoosier Lesson

Recently on one of the Woodworking forums there was a discussion of plywood panels and how to glue them into a frame, whether to allow for wood movement or to just glue them to the entire frame. The consensus among … Continue reading

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Wood Movement

Wood is a hygroscopic material which means it absorbs and desorbs water from the surrounding air. This change in moisture content causes the wood to expand and contract in relation to the relative humidity and temperature of the environment the … Continue reading

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The Gun Stocker’s Trick

I’m not positive where this trick really came from, I didn’t invent it , I got it out of a book on carving and fitting rifle stocks. I’m sure other trades must have used similar techniques for ever in the … Continue reading

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An odd way to play the Harmonica

In the 1970s I was a member of the  Guild of American Luthiers, I was building guitars, banjos, dulcimers and doing all the instrument repairs for 7 music stores. One day, one of the shops calls me up and say’s, … Continue reading

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How I Became a WoodHead

I am not exactly sure of the date,I think it was the late 1970s but it could have been the early 1980s, ‘This Old House’ was brand new and I don’t think ‘The new Yankee Workshop’ had started yet. At … Continue reading

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Spindle Repairs

When repairing furniture whether old or new one of the most common fixes  necessary is to either repair or replace one or more spindles. In many cases it’s easier to just replace the parts with new. But in some cases … Continue reading

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