New Project 6 [ top ]

Next I built the top for the table by rubbing two boards together with hide glue and adding two braces. The braces are glued and nailed with rose head nails.


The top attached with snipe hinges.

top atached

Here you can see the nails and hinges going through the top.


Ready for profiling the top edges.


Starting a thumb nail profile with a moving fillister.

cutting profile

Rounded over with a block plane.

cutting profile

Finished profile.

profile complete

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2 Responses to New Project 6 [ top ]

  1. Gary Newland says:

    I have been watching this build and just want to thank you for taking the time to document it. I enjoy seeing the handwork processes. One question, will the hinge parts on the top be left as is or will they be covered somehow?

    • millcrek says:

      They will not exactly be left as is but they will still be there. This piece is going to get a rustic aged finish and I don’t anticipate the hinges being a distraction.

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