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The Permanent Glue Joint

One constantly reads on the web something like ” with the development of modern adhesives do you still need to do this or do that when making things from wood”. This kind of statement is based on the idea that … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Need A Big Mouth

In a plane. What did you think I meant. I have a whole collection of planes with extra wide mouths, some I have even filed to get them wide enough. Why you might ask, because I can then see through … Continue reading

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Removing a Broken Dowel or Tenon

If you do any amount of repair work you will find that one of the most common repairs involves removing broken dowels. More properly removing a broken round tenon from a round mortise. You might think, that’s easy, just drill … Continue reading

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sorting 2x4s

One of my earliest memories was sitting on a pile of dirt and watching a bunch of guys digging a hole with long handle shovels. It was in the early 1950s, I think 1952 and the men were all of … Continue reading

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