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Spitting in the Wind ( preaching to the choir )

If you have not read Jack Planes post on hide glue, you should.

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Wedged Dovetails

If you read Chris Schwarz’s blog at Popular Woodworking, there was recently an interesting post about wedged dovetails. Historically it’s been said that wedging was done primarily to close up gappy or sloppy dovetails. In the coments of that post … Continue reading

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Why am I doing this

A short time ago I read a post on one of the forums about blogging and people who blog that made me question why I am doing this and why other people are doing it. Some of the people who … Continue reading

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I’m writing this on an old computer that I borrowed from my daughter. It has a little bitty screen and not enough memory to deal with the number of pictures I normally post. If you did not guess from the … Continue reading

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The Permanent Glue Joint

One constantly reads on the web something like ” with the development of modern adhesives do you still need to do this or do that when making things from wood”. This kind of statement is based on the idea that … Continue reading

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White Oak Rocker

Here is a rocker I just finished restoring. When I got it in, it was painted with white enamel and upholstered with pink velvet. I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t think there was any thing special … Continue reading

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Chisel Backs, Stop Lapping

Bob Rozaieskie of the Logan Cabinet Shoppe deserves a round of applause, he has done some thing rare. He has gone against the common wisdom of the online wood working community. In his latest post he explains why chisel backs … Continue reading

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mission style

Mission Style In the United states today several related styles have been lumped together under the title of  “Mission style furniture”. Actual Mission furniture comes from the Spanish missions of the American southwest and northern Mexico and is a more … Continue reading

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How I Became a WoodHead

I am not exactly sure of the date,I think it was the late 1970s but it could have been the early 1980s, ‘This Old House’ was brand new and I don’t think ‘The new Yankee Workshop’ had started yet. At … Continue reading

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One of This Weeks Projects

As a restorer not every thing I do is woodworking, People and historic organizations bring me all kind of things to be restored beyond furniture.This week a county historic society brought me two interesting pieces. The first is a model … Continue reading

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