One of This Weeks Projects

As a restorer not every thing I do is woodworking, People and historic organizations bring me all kind of things to be restored beyond furniture.This week a county historic society brought me two interesting pieces. The first is a model ship in a display case, what’s interesting about it is that it was made in 1866 by a wounded civil war veteran while recuperating in a veterans home. At least that’s what I am told.

Ship model

The second is the original 1870 hand drawn and written survey of part of Bloomington  Wisc.


Because of the back log Of work I have I won’t be actually working on these for 8 to 12 months.

This week I worked on a large porch swing brought in last summer. Here is the finished project.

Finished swing

When I got the swing the back and one arm were totally destroyed.

Just started

Verticals 1/2 replaced

2nd half of back removed

installing verticals

Weaving back

Back finished

New arm started

Arm finished

Repairs complete


Wicker is currently very popular so I am getting a lot of it in for repair. Originally wicker furniture was made from the rattan vine which came from south east Asia, for sometime much of it was made from what is called fiber rush, which is twisted paper. Much of the wicker being made today is made from plastic tubing. This swing is actually fiber rush.

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