Spindle Repairs

When repairing furniture whether old or new one of the most common fixes  necessary is to either repair or replace one or more spindles. In many cases it’s easier to just replace the parts with new.

Replaced gate leg

But in some cases you may want to fix the old ones. If you are working on a particularly valuable antique for example. In that case this is the set up I use to accomplish the task.

Broken chair

This is a chair that actually fell off a moving truck. It was part of a set of 6 and the customer did not want to refinish the set, so I decided to repair the broken parts rather than replace them. You can see that the tenons are broken off the legs and the back hoop.


First I turn the 2 new tenons for the legs at the same time which makes it easier to size them.

Turning tenons

New tenons with the mortises in the seat cleaned out.

Finished tenons

I drill the leg or spindle on the lathe, it is the easiest way I have found to get the hole centered.

Drilling a leg


Glue in the new tenons and you are ready to assemble.



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1 Response to Spindle Repairs

  1. Steve Branam says:

    That’s a pretty cool fix!

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