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Duck Calls 2

I received a question about how a duck call works, so I am posting a brief explanation of what I know about the subject. I’ve been away from call making for at least 20 years so this is old information … Continue reading

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Duck Calls

In the US prior to 1935 market hunting was a big business. Hunters used punt guns, bait and live decoys in order to take as many ducks as possible for the commercial market. While mechanical duck calls were known as … Continue reading

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mission style

Mission Style In the United states today several related styles have been lumped together under the title of  “Mission style furniture”. Actual Mission furniture comes from the Spanish missions of the American southwest and northern Mexico and is a more … Continue reading

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Eastlake Side Chair [ broken seat rail ]

This is a circa 1880 walnut side chair with a cane seat, it has been refinished at some time in the past. The front seat rail has a break that runs through the leg mortise. The rest of the chair … Continue reading

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Table Leaf part 1

In my last post I talked about some of the problems involved with the use of plywood and MDF in furniture construction. I’m sure that some people that read that post are convinced that I must be an insane old … Continue reading

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The Gun Stocker’s Trick

I’m not positive where this trick really came from, I didn’t invent it , I got it out of a book on carving and fitting rifle stocks. I’m sure other trades must have used similar techniques for ever in the … Continue reading

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Spindle Repairs

When repairing furniture whether old or new one of the most common fixes  necessary is to either repair or replace one or more spindles. In many cases it’s easier to just replace the parts with new. But in some cases … Continue reading

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Learning to build and Design

I repaired and refinished my first piece of furniture in 1969. Over the next few years I repaired a lot of furniture, I was just out of the army, just married, in college and we could not afford to buy … Continue reading

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