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Pompous Ramblings, You Can’t Buy Skill

After rereading this post I’ve decided I sound like a pompous ass, maybe I am. On the woodworking forums, there are endless debates over which grinder, plane, chisel, saw, hammer or any other tool or machine is the best and … Continue reading

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Expantion Rates and Wood Movement

All materials expand and contract due to heat, and in some cases moisture, and in some cases both. Each material expands and contracts at different rates. Different metals expand at different rates due to heat, as the metal warms up … Continue reading

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You Are The Jig

I was reading one of the forums today and saw a post that said a flat back on a parring chisel is absolutely necessary in order to pare without the chisel digging into the surface of the work. This idea … Continue reading

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I’ve Seen The Light

There are two camps, camp one believes that all thing new must be an improvement over the old, modern glues are superior to hide glue, etc.  Camp two believes that all thing old are better than the new, after all … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Need A Big Mouth

In a plane. What did you think I meant. I have a whole collection of planes with extra wide mouths, some I have even filed to get them wide enough. Why you might ask, because I can then see through … Continue reading

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Bevel up If you read the woodworking forums at all, you are aware that there are several perennial debates. It seems that at least once a month the relative benefits and weaknesses of the bevel up versus the bevel down … Continue reading

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