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Systems ( the chicken or the egg )

There are a several guides or systems, that are said to help one learn to “design” furniture. The most cited examples are, the column orders, the golden rectangle and the Fibonacci seriesĀ  among others. There areĀ  problems with all of … Continue reading

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Pompous Ramblings, You Can’t Buy Skill

After rereading this post I’ve decided I sound like a pompous ass, maybe I am. On the woodworking forums, there are endless debates over which grinder, plane, chisel, saw, hammer or any other tool or machine is the best and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Design [ A Short Introduction ]

Design “Too often professional insecurities are masked in impenetrable language and professional reputations are buttressed with unnecessary complication, and confusion.” David Savage In 1965 I enrolled in college and started a program of study in architecture. As one of the … Continue reading

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Context [ Ways of Working ]

There is a piece of furniture in your minds eye, but you can’t seem to ever get it out. You can see it in your head as plain as day, then you build it, you step back, you look and … Continue reading

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What is Finishing really? [ how much protection do you really need ]

Ask wood workers why we put a finish on our projects and the answer most often given is ” to protect the wood”. This is understandable we put many, many hours in to a project and we want it to … Continue reading

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Learning to build and Design

I repaired and refinished my first piece of furniture in 1969. Over the next few years I repaired a lot of furniture, I was just out of the army, just married, in college and we could not afford to buy … Continue reading

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