The Erie canal was completed on October 26, 1825, it’s completion opened the areas west of the Appalachian Mountains to settlement and trade. Shortly after, Milwaukee began as a Great Lakes port and further opened the Midwest to a second migration of immigrants. Unlike the the first migration to the east coast which was mostly English, the migration to the Midwest was much more diverse with people from much of Europe. In the early 19th century, preindustrial furniture of the Midwest we find more of these diverse influences.

This is a cherry and butternut dresser with southern German or Alsatian influence. I believe it was made in Wisconsin prior to 1865 but after 1830, there were few Europeans settlers in Wisconsin prior to 1830. Due to the mixed wood construction it may have been originally painted.


Here we see one rear leg missing.

009  Another view of the missing foot.


Both back legs were worn short so that the dresser sat very off level. I glued in two blocks to level the case.


Begining the repair of the missing foot.


Piece added.


New foot in place.


More pieces added.



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2 Responses to Dresser

  1. Ack! You skipped too many steps here! I want to see what all you did to the main body of the gentlemen’s chest to clean it up!

    Love reading about your rehabs. Good to see you back to posting.


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