I’ve Seen The Light

There are two camps, camp one believes that all thing new must be an improvement over the old, modern glues are superior to hide glue, etc.  Camp two believes that all thing old are better than the new, after all “man has been making things for thousands of years, new was made yesterday, it stands to reason that there has to be more good old stuff than new”1.  I have a tendency to be in group two, I tend to believe that in today’s world [ with some exceptions ] companies and engineers are trying to figure out how to make things cheaper not better. So when it came to the chip breaker debate I assumed that he introduction of the chip breaker had to be a way to make planes cheaper or some compromise, after all the older planes did not have them and old is better. Well I’ve seen the light, if you haven’t watched the film on chip breakers you should.


But I’m still in camp two.

1. Banacek

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