Bird carving

During the 1980s for a short time I got into bird carving. Most of the carving was done with a rotary shaft machine and a hot knife. Then the birds were painted with acrylic artist colors. I probably carved between 20 and 30 birds total, many of them were given away as gifts with out being photographed, a few were sold and I have no idea where they went. Today I found a few pictures of 3 of the birds. The pictures are not great. There is no real point to this post other than I am reminiscing.

Canada goose

First is a life size goose carved from Tupelo Gum. It’s the only piece I carved from this wood as I remember it was very hard on tool it seemed to have grit in the wood and was hard to carve with edge tools. The goose was one of the first birds I carved.

Baltimore Oriole

An Oriole in Basswood. Another early bird. The feet are cast metal and the leaves are brown paper.


This Owl, I believe was the last bird that I carved.

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