Woodworking Personality [Get Woodworking Week]

As part of “Get Woodworking Week” I thought about what I would say to a beginning wood worker. I thought about tools, wood, projects, techniques and other aspects of the craft, but I could not come up with something that wasn’t going to be covered in depth by others. I finally came up with a couple of thing worth repeating here, I think.

Are you a Photo Realist or an Abstract Expressionist? Everybody has a distinct personality you need to match you wood working to you natural personality. If you are the type of person that irons your socks and all you cloths are folded neatly by you, not your partner, you need to learn to work wood that way. You probably don’t need a selection of axes in your tool kit but you may need a micrometer. Likewise if you regularly wear socks that don’t match and don’t care, you will need a totally different tool kit and projects.

You must learn to take advantage of the happy accidents. Years ago when I was in art school my mentor told me you must learn to take advantage of the happy accidents. Happy accidents are what he called mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. The great craftsmen have learned to either work them in, cover them up or turn them into a feature. He also said an eraser is not for removing mistakes it’s just another tool to draw with.



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