I’m writing this on an old computer that I borrowed from my daughter. It has a little bitty screen and not enough memory to deal with the number of pictures I normally post. If you did not guess from the tittle, the hard drive on my regular computer died and after trying everything I know, I had to let my daughter take it for repair, she is a web designer and says it will be fixed in 4 days, she had to order something. So this will be a test to see if anybody reads my blog or does everybody just look at the pictures.

Rubbed out

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9 Responses to Crash

  1. Ellis Felker says:

    Sorry about your computer…that is one beautiful table, Tom

  2. Scott MacLEOD says:

    I read your blog religously. I expected more type and no pictures. I got a picture. Either would have been excellent.

    Please keep it up.

    A shop tour, if your interested in doing one on the blog, would greatly interest me. As well as more info on and details of your bench. Photos of course pls. I’m not obsessed with benches but am about to build one and yours looks like it may well be the excellent example of a working professionals bench I’m looking for. Or it may well not be.

    Thank you,

  3. mike holden says:

    Yes, people read it. and that can be scary cant it?

  4. Dave Redlin says:

    Keep the updates coming….check the site often.


  5. Steve Branam says:

    Wow, that is simply magnificent! And to think it’s made from recycled fir! I hadn’t realized such modest materials were lurking beneath the beautiful veneer.

  6. Hey… what happened to all of the pictures??


  7. Emily says:

    Don’t appreciate the slam on my “little bitty screen”. And you should appreciate my creaky-old laptop– it’s nearly 10 years old, and that is practically antique!

    Love you- keep writing!


  8. joecrafted says:

    Ugh, I’ve had a hard drive crash with about 3 days worth of programming on it. I now have a separate backup drive.

    The table turned out great.

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