Federal Work Table IIII [ veneering the top and assembly ]

Cutting and arranging the veneer for the top. I eventually hammered down 5 strips of end grain Butternut to form the center panel of the top. Each strip was hammered down separately but in one session.

laying out top veneer

I next hammered on the straight portions of the edge covering. The top is clamped to 2 oak rails to keep it straight until it is attached.

gluing the edges

Bending the pieces of Mahogany for the round corners over a soldering iron. I bend the wood wet and use a piece of metal strap to keep the surface from splitting. It’s the heat that allows the wood to bend, all the water does is keep the wood from burning.

Soldering iron

The 4 corner pieces bent but not trimmed to fit. The top and legs are also attached.

corner pieces bent

A kerf is cut to hold the ends of the curved pieces.


Testing the fit.


Bent pieces attached but not trimmed.

Corners attached

All the veneer attached.

All attached

Right now this is looking way to Orange for me, I will try to fix it in the next finishing post.

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6 Responses to Federal Work Table IIII [ veneering the top and assembly ]

  1. Jack Plane says:

    Lovely work! Is the top just held down with the four screws in the corners?

  2. Wick says:

    Great job! What color/brand of stain did you originally use, that looked too orange?

  3. Julien Lecomte says:

    Great job! How are the legs joined to the carcass? Also, is the top section of each leg notched?

  4. millcrek says:

    Yes the top of each leg is notched, attached with glue and screws.

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