White Oak Rocker

Here is a rocker I just finished restoring. When I got it in, it was painted with white enamel and upholstered with pink velvet. I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t think there was any thing special about it to make a good post, but in the process of doing it I found there was one interesting thing to note. Whoever had painted it white had striped it first so all the grain was filled with paint. Anybody that has tried to strip raw oak that has been painted knows that it is almost imposable to get the paint out of the grain. The interesting part is that you do not need to get the paint entirely out, you just need to open up the grain enough to to take and hold a glaze. Here is the finishing schedule I used.

1. a thin coat of lacquer to seal the piece

2. a coat of raw umber glaze was applied and allowed to almost dry before it was carefully wiped back, being sure not to wipe it out of the grain.

3. another coat of lacquer to seal the glaze.

4. natural pine and medium walnut toner to adjust the color.

5. two coats of gloss and one coat of semigloss lacquer top coat.

6. when dry I upholstered it with the fabric of the owners choice.

oak rocker

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2 Responses to White Oak Rocker

  1. Ellis Felker says:

    Wow…I love the mustard color of the wood on the rocker…unexpected…beautuful…

  2. Pete Chast says:

    Beautiful job. Thanks for the picture.

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