Bad Week and a Tea table

This has been a really lousy week. First last Saturday [ 8 days ago] I was sawing a part for an antique German clock out of a brass sheet with a jewelers saw when the blade broke and went through my thumb. about a 1/2″ piece broke off in the thumb.

thumb in the wrong place

Try as I might I could not get it out. I waited until Monday, I kept thinking I could get it out, to go to urgent care, it took them half of the day to cut it out. I was then out of commission until Wednesday. Realizing that I wasn’t going to get much done in the shop without my thumb I decided to mow some pastures, I live on a farm and have horses. I almost immediately blew a rear tire on my tractor. The on farm tire guy is coming tomorrow to try and fix it, if he can’t I’ll have to buy a new tire. He told me over the phone they cost $1300. I know I’m whining, but because of my lousy week I’m posting a piece I did last summer. Hopefully next week Ill have some new work.

Here is a tea table that is made out of maple, the top is silver maple, the apron is curly soft maple and the legs are hard maple.

Tea table

Here it is after being treated with tannic acid and a mordant and with 1 coat of shellac. You can see that the 3 different maples are all a different color.

tea table

This is what it looked like after treating it with a dye toner.

tea table

With french polish and wax.

tea table

Another view.

tea table

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