Duck Calls 2

I received a question about how a duck call works, so I am posting a brief explanation of what I know about the subject. I’ve been away from call making for at least 20 years so this is old information and an old mans memory. These calls are from a small collection of other peoples calls that I bought or traded for, when I was making calls, it’s always good to know how the other guys are doing things.

In this first picture you see a crow call on the left and a duck call on the right. They each have a split sound board and a brass reed in between. When you blow through the mouth piece the reed vibrates making the sound. You can adjust the sound or tune the call by adjusting the length, width, or thickness of the reed. You can also sand or scratch the reed to change the sound.

crow and duck call

This style duck call consists of a barrel and a stopper.

southern Illinois call

The stopper removed from the barrel.

call and stopper

The stopper consists of a flat sound board, curved brass reed and wedge, all loose, the barrel hold the pieces together.

stopper parts

If I remember correctly this style call was called an Arkansas style call.

Jack Wilson call

It still has a stopper and barrel but the stopper parts are not loose and the sound board is curved and the plastic reed is flat.

Arkansas style stopper

Stopper taken apart.

stopper parts

This last call was made by Jack Wilson, the others I don’t recall, If my friend Bob sees this post he may identify them in a comment and correct my errors.


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  1. Jack Plane says:

    Thank you for the explanation.

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